Habana Instant

Habana Instant

Special Screening

Habana Instant

(USA, Cuba, 2016, 96 min.)

Director Guillermo Ivan

Producers: Golden Ceiba Productions

Cast: Guillermo Ivan, Christopher Marquez, Zair Montes

Marcelo and his brother Carlos were separated as children when Carlos left Cuba with his mother during the Balseros crisis, seeking a different life. Marcelo was burdened with the duty of staying in Cuba to care for his grandfather who was in poor health.

Twenty years later, Carlos decided to go back to Cuba to seek out his brother, only to find out that he now faces a terminal disease. The brother’s reunion is an emotional rollercoaster and a journey of love, joy, truth, resentment and forgiveness, leading Marcelo and Carlos to a magical “Havana Instant” that soon dissipates with an inevitable farewell that splits them apart; but this time forever. 

  • Director Guillermo Ivan present

Village Cinema #2 – Northstar California – Friday, December 2 – 7:30pm