The Architect

The Architect

American Independent

The Architect

(USA, 2016, 95 min.)

Director: Jonathan Parker

Producers: Catherine DiNapoli, Jonathan Parker, Patrick Peach

Cast: Parker Posey, Eric McCormack, James Frain, Pamela Reed

Drew (Parker Posey) and Colin (Eric McCormack) are a married couple going through the stress of buying a new house. She is artistically inclined and prefers more vintage properties, while he is practical and leans toward new construction. They do find one they can agree on, but, this being a comedy, the day after they close a freak windstorm destroys it. They ask their friends for recommendations of an architect to build a new home on the old land, and end up with Miles Moss (James Frain), a modernist architect with unconventional methods. Drew loves that he asks the couple about their feelings and inspirations, but Colin doesn’t see the point. As they argue about what should go into their new home, they soon realize that Miles may be making his own dream home instead of theirs.

  • Director Jonathan Parker present

Village Cinema #1 – Northstar California – Thursday, December 1 – 6:00pm