An Inconvenient Sequel:  Truth to Power – USA (2017)

An Inconvenient Sequel:  Truth to Power - USA (2017)

Environmental Selection

An Inconvenient Sequel:  Truth to Power – USA (2017)

Directed by:  Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk

More timely than ever, this rousing follow-up to the Oscar winning An Inconvenient Truth – which more than a decade ago brought climate change into the popular consciousness – charts former Vice President Al Gore’s ongoing mission to help try to solve our climate crisis before it’s too late. The years since the original film have seen Gore’s predictions sadly come to pass, as evidenced by a sobering tour of areas around the globe already impacted by rising sea levels and record-breaking temperatures. But all is not dire in this inspirational film, which also details how close we are to an alternative energy revolution, Gore’s training of an army of climate leaders to spread his message, and his pivotal role in influencing global climate policy.

A selection at both the Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival