Josephine’s Demon – USA (2017)

Josephine’s Demon - USA (2017)

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Josephine’s Demon – USA (2017)

Directed by:  Stephen Bohnet

Summer has just begun, and a group of kids who call themselves the Puggles are free to roam all day long. While out on adventure, they try to avoid the Hammerheads, an older group of kids that love nothing more than to pick on and bully the Puggles. A new neighbor, Joey, has just moved to town. He fits right in with the Puggles, and starts venturing out with them. While fleeing on his bike from the Hammerheads, Joey finds a strange stone. Little does he know that it holds the spirit of Josephine, a young healer from generations ago, that once scorned by society, turned dark and evil. The oblivious Puggles face a collision course with Josephine’s dangerous spirit, while navigating through confrontation after confrontation with the Hammerheads. They must discover Josephine, and set Joey free.

Josephine’s Demon is a low budget film shot with local children and filmed on location and around Truckee, California