Water & Power:  A California Heist – USA (2017)

Water & Power:  A California Heist - USA (2017)


Water & Power:  A California Heist – USA (2017)

Directed by:  Marina Zenovich

Emmy award-winning director Marina Zenovich’s Water & Power: A California Heist, executive produced by Academy Award winner Alex Gibney and produced by Jigsaw Productions, unfolds like a real-life version of the 1974 film noir “Chinatown,” uncovering the ruthless exploits of California’s notorious water barons, who profit off the state’s resources while everyday citizens endure a debilitating water crisis. In the midst of a historic drought that has left many residents without access to safe drinking water, this film peels back the layers of California’s history of water manipulations and examines pivotal events that now jeopardize the state’s groundwater reserves, putting at risk the future of its fertile farmlands – which provide nearly half the country’s fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Water & Power: A California Heist premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival

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